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Midterm Study Guide- 1377 Professor Hopkins MW 11:00-12:30, AH 540 See blackboard emails regarding your specific TA. If you need to contact any of us, please do so through blackboard- not personal email. READ THIS FIRST- This midterm exam is a writing exam and we will provide you with the necessary blue-books. Please write in blue or black pen because it is easier to grade. Once the exam begins, nobody is permitted to leave the room. Once a student turns in their finished exam, no latecomers will receive an exam. Therefore, go to the restroom before the exam begins, and arrive on time. There will be no use of cell phones for any reason- we will keep the time on the screen. Remember, if you are caught cheating on this exam (text messaging answers, using notes or cheat sheets, copying off of a neighbor, talking to a neighbor, etc.), you will receive an F for the course, be turned over to academic affairs, and possibly publicly humiliated in front of 450 classmates. I never think students will cheat- but somebody always does and they get caught. In preparing for the exam, I encourage you to form study groups and discuss course materials together. It always helps to discuss information and hear what others think. You may study for the exam together, but you may not take the exam as a group. When approaching the essays, think about how each of the key terms (identification terms at the head of each lecture) help you to develop your argument and your essay. Answer these types of questions: who, what, where, when, how, and, most importantly, why is this term significant in answering the larger essay question. You cannot substitute terms- your essay must address each of the required terms. Clearly explain how each of the terms or events helps to develop your essay answer.
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Midterm%20Study%20Guide%20FA%2009%20MW - Midterm Study...

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