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Physics lab report 8; Energy Conservation

Physics lab report 8; Energy Conservation - Alexander Hyatt...

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Alexander Hyatt Physics Lab 124-021 March 14, 2007 Abstract The purpose of this lab was to verify that Energy is conserved in a system. The two types of energy worked with directly in this lab were kinetic and potential energy. Mechanical Energy is the sum of these two energies, thus giving the total energy of the system, that is, if no nonconservative forces are present. In the actual experiment, no measurements of potential or kinetic energy are taken since both can be equated in terms of mass, gravity, velocity, and a distance. The variable that experimentally found was the magnitude of gravity. This was done for exercise 1 and 2. Experiment Table 1 Data Table Exercise 1 Length of Pendulum, L .55 m Mass of Pendulum, m .0705 kg Ө h vf vf^2 (m) (m/s) (m^2/s^2) 5 0.002 0.200 0.040 10 0.008 0.371 0.138 15 0.019 0.586 0.343 20 0.033 0.765 0.585 25 0.052 0.920 0.846 30 0.074 1.095 1.199 35 0.099 1.248 1.558 40 0.129 1.465 2.146 45 0.161 1.587 2.519 50 0.196 1.775 3.151 Table 1 contains the data collected for exercise 1. The constants of the experiment were the Length and Mass of the pendulum, .55m and .0705 kg, respectively. The Pendulum was lifted at different angles and allowed to swing down, and the velocity was taken as it passed through the photo gate. The gravity was found by graphing the above results and making a trend line.
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