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Eng 20 ESSAY evolution

Eng 20 ESSAY evolution - The Case For and Against Evolution...

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The Case For and Against Evolution Introduction The theory about human evolution has been debated and published in numerous works of literature. This mystery is wondered by a majority of humans to find the truth of how we got on planet earth. The truth of our existences is a lasting mystery and shows no definite answer. Attempts to answer this question have been argued by the realms of science and religion. Religious followers want to believe that God or some form of intelligent design created the world because of scriptures and faith they have that humans were created by this higher being. However, fossils and records show the world was created by evolution or natural selection. Many of the studies conducted and evidence found by scientist make evolution and natural selection a reasonable explanation for me. One proof is that science has found close genetic similarities between humans and chimpanzees. The implication is that humans are just an evolved form of these primates. Also, the studies witness by English philosopher and scientist Charles Darwin has strong implication in that natural selection has lead to man’s creation. However at the same time, I have grown up in the Catholic faith and do believe that God created the world and the story of Adam and Eve. I am a firm believer in the Catholic teachings even though there is strong evidence that supports science. Thus, I feel the truth to the existence of mankind lies somewhere between the fields of science and religion; for these reasons I believe both can be used in answer the question of human existence. Proof from Science One of science many arguments is the similarities between chimpanzees and humans. This theory is believed by a vast percentage of people because of the overwhelming evidence. For example, according to Feng-Chi Chen and Wen-Hsiung Li of the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago announced, “We selected 53 autosomal inter-genic non repetitive DNA segments from the human genome and sequenced them in a human, a chimpanzee, a gorilla, and an orangutan. The average sequence divergence was only 1.24% ± 0.07% for the human-chimpanzee pair, 1.62% ± 0.08% for the human-gorilla pair, and 1.63% ± 0.08% for the chimpanzee- gorilla pair” (Chen and Li). This data shows that human DNA is very similar to that of primates makes them a possible relative to human. Clearly we have many of the same
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characteristics as primates such as we are mammals and have opposable thumbs. The
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Eng 20 ESSAY evolution - The Case For and Against Evolution...

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