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Quest for the Truth In Science and Religion , Thomas Dixon discusses the debate about evolution and religion. Dixon presents this controversial topic in an objective manner to give the reader insight and to form an opinion of evolution. Dixon utters the best way to think is to be open minded to all possibilities. Human collaboration for knowledge of the truth has allowed for better understanding of modern science and religious experience. He first examines how the Catholic Inquisition persecuted philosopher Galileo as a “vehemently suspected of heresy” for his belief that sun was the center of the universe. Galileo believed that science and religion could exist and both answer the question of the unknown. Religious followers of such faiths as Judaism, Christianity, and Muslims are willing to listen and blend their teachings with science. However, many other scientist and religious groups view their teachings as the only answer to these mysteries. Science is based of observations and phenomenon that are analyzed to answer mysteries. He uses
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