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I attend the vocal performance of Ruby Tiburcio with Beverly Wanner on piano. She sang a selection of about 15 pieces. She sang songs such as Ave Maria, Kundiman, Nicolette, and Ang Maya. She also sang in German, Spanish, French, and Tagalog. There were an arrangement of instrument including a solo vocalist, a piano, one cello, a trumpet, and two violins. Some performances were arranged with all instruments present while others only had only one or two. Vocals were sung in a slower manner and almost sounded like a solo opera. She hit many high notes throughout the piece. She used her voice to stress different parts of the song to give feeling and emotion to the songs. When she would sing low and slow the accompanying instrument would play slower and lower
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Unformatted text preview: notes; giving the piece a dark and gloomy perception. This was used for the sad parts of the song. When she would sing more up beat and higher notes the accompanying instruments played higher notes to; giving the piece a happier feeling. In one of the pieces, the vocalist would sing one fame alone then the pianist would replay the notes on the piano. This went on for about 5 frames each. Another technique used was the violist plucked the strings on their instrument on every quarter note to give the music almost hoping beat. The last song Ang Maya was arranged in the ¾ tempo and felt like a waltz. The performance was well organized and performs we dressed professional and they even had food after....
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