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Mod08 Study Guide

Mod08 Study Guide - SCM 300 MODULE 08 Study Packet Module...

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SCM 300 – MODULE 08 Study Packet Module 08: Socially Responsible Supply Chain Management Reading Assignments: Wal-Mart’s New Sustainability Mandate in China http://www.businessweek.com/print/managing/content/oct2008/ca20081028_632455.htm When was this article posted? (I’m not going to test you on this, but please take notice.) What are some of the primary directives Wal-Mart has established for its Chinese suppliers? o Issues related to Sustainability o Issues related to Quality o Transparency issues What will Wal-Mart do if suppliers do not comply? At first? Long-term? What did one supplier cite as Wal-Mart’s corporate culture problem? CASE: Starbucks Corp.: Building a Sustainable Supply Chain Puzzle: 179-187 1. From which parts of the world is coffee sourced? Why is that a concern for Starbucks? 2. Describe their supply chain: suppliers, processors… 3. What is CAFÉ practices and what is its purpose? What are the benefits to Starbucks?
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