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M5 Study Guide SELL IT_1 - SCM 300 MODULE 05 Study Packet...

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SCM 300 – MODULE 05 Study Packet Module 05: Sell it and Service It WAITING LINES Waiting lines are something we encounter nearly everyday, and nearly everywhere we go. In this module we tried to demonstrate the different dynamics of different systems. By altering arrival rates, service rates, number of servers, ordering of customer orders, number of lines, number of systems, etc. we demonstrated how customers and servers fared. Each pays their own price and this modeling simply seeks to create an equilibrium that is acceptable to both parties. Reading Assignments: Earth -  78-87, 91           Concepts   Terms and Lists       Waiting Line  Theory 78-91 4 elements of waiting  lines 79-82 Priority Rules 82     Customer population -  Finite vs. Infinite 79-80 Preemptive discipline 82     Balks and Reneges 80 Service Facility  Utilization 84 Examples   Channels vs. Phases 81-82 Operations  Characteristics of  Waiting lines 84 Example 3 85-86 Figure 2 81 Single Server Model  (Use Lecture notation) 85-87 Solved Problem  1 92-93 Figure 3 81 Decision areas for  Management 91 Terms, Concepts, and Philosophy behind Waiting Lines- Slides 03-10, Slide 36 Why is the study of waiting lines important in running a business? Especially in America? Goals and Trade-offs for Queuing system What do managers have control over in a queuing system? What can managers do to make waits seem shorter to the customer? What are some things that can make waiting times seem longer than they really are to the customer? Why is it important to understand Arrival and Service Rates? Define and discuss:
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M5 Study Guide SELL IT_1 - SCM 300 MODULE 05 Study Packet...

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