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devil's highway - Name Date Subject Kyaw San May 5 2010 GCU...

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Name: Kyaw San Date: May 5, 2010 Subject: GCU 351 DEVIL’S HIGHWAY The Devil’s Highway refers to a track to cross the U.S-Mexican border through the most dangerous Arizona desert. Luis Alberto Urrea tells the true story about 26 Mexican immigrants trying to cross the border where their guide had led them into deadly journey. After all twelve have manage to survive and fourteen were dead in the desert. The story told by the author is incredibly amazing that you’ll feel that he was one of them that crossed the desert. In the book he describe the dead of each person were so precise and each steps they moved till the last breath they breathed were describe by the author just like he personally experience the dead of every single one of them. In the book he described the death of Reymundo Jr. as “ Old reymundo also threw himself into the sunlight. He was shouting and crying and throwing money into the air, and he walked until he fell, trying to swim in the dirt as if he’d fallen into a cool stream .” ( Devil’s Highway, page 167) The author told the story about how each of the walker were recruited by the coyote and how they were brought to the city called Sonora and prepare them to cross the border. Luis Alberto Urrea even brought us back to each of the walker’s home town and gives a brief view of their background information and their purpose of crossing the deadly Devil’s highway. In general, the story was about the journey of some desperate poor Mexican whose purpose was to look for a better economic opportunity in the other side of the border to support their family back home. In the United State, each one of us or our ancestors had come to this land from another country beside those Native American. That means we are all immigrants in this country, what make it different for those hard working Mexican? Unlike anyone in the class or most of them in the class, I am not a citizen of a permanent resident of this country; I came to the United State three years ago from Burma for pursuing my education. That makes me no different from the Mexican immigrants who come to this country for the
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purpose of better economic and living standard. Back home, my ancestor were once immigrant from other
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devil's highway - Name Date Subject Kyaw San May 5 2010 GCU...

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