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Project 4 – Long Report/Proposal/Solution English 302 - Wegner Spring 2010 Due: 5/4 (before midnight) Assignment Overview: For this assignment you will do one of the following: propose an idea/plan, solve a problem, or identify a need. Your topic may be business, education, or community-related, but should be very specific (examples: A Proposal to Start a New T-Shirt Design at Smith's Clothes Store, A Plan for a Fund Raiser at ASU's School of Business). For any of these projects you will need to conduct research, and write a document, proposal, or problem/solution based on your findings. Depending on your area of interest and expertise you may choose any number of approaches to this project. In addition, the document should have a specific audience . Real-world Context: Regardless of your topic or the type of report you decide on, you will want to create a “reasonable, real-world context” for this assignment. The report should be factual and accurate; you will do real research to develop the document rather than make up facts and figures, so that the report is one that could be submitted the audience you have identified. Typically, a proposal or recommendation report will involve identifying a problem and the choices available in creating a solution to the problem. You may choose one of the following structures for your final project: Report, Proposal, or Problem/Solution. Parts:
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Project4_Eng302 - Project 4 Long Report/Proposal/Solution...

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