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Project 3 – Short Reports English 302 Due 4/9 The Assignment: For this project you will work on two types of business reports. There are a multitude of report scenarios that you will probably encounter in the workplace. For this assignment, you will choose to investigate 2 of the 3 more “standard” short report topics: Progress, Proposal, and Comparison. Since we have limited time you will only need to work on two of the three offered types of reports. Due Date: Both reports will be turned in to the digital drop box or to my email by 4/9 (before midnight). What you will need to do is pick two of the report types (Progress Report, Short Proposal, or Comparison) and then one of the scenarios for each of those two types of reports. You will write two short reports for this assignment. Where to look in your book: You will recognize that all of these reports involve skills we have practiced so far in our short assignments and previous projects. However, you can look at Unit 4 (Chapters 9-10) of your book for examples and suggestions – though the examples in the book aren’t exactly the same you can use them as a model. You will have to improvise a little as well (like in any writing situation). You may also look online for examples of these types of short reports. Report Lengths: Your reports must be properly formatted for your specific audience and purpose. For these scenarios, your progress and short proposal reports should be around 2 to 3 pages. A comparison /recommendation analysis in short report format should be around 2.5 – 3 pgs. All together, you will write about 4 – 6 pages for this project. Pick two of the following report types (progress, short, progress) and then pick one of the scenarios for each report type: You will work on two short reports for this project. Progress Report Scenarios (Pick one) A. What do you already know? (This is a fun way to review the semester so far!) You are serving on a school hiring committee. The committee is planning to interview three candidates who are interesting in teaching at your school. As part of the interview process, the candidates have been asked to teach a section of the business communication class. The topic to be taught is writing business reports. One of the candidates has asked for a report on what the class has already covered
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Project3_Short_Reports - Project 3 Short Reports English...

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