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Project #2: Business Correspondence Create a series of letters and memos related to a work-related event Final Draft Due Date: 3/12 In the second major project for this class you will create four business letters that are focused on a purchase event at a company or department. These letters each have different purposes (persuasive vs. informative) and different audiences (inside the office and outside the office). You will need to make a purchase selection based on the available information, and craft your letters to make information accessible, appropriate, and fit in one page. This project allows you to get a sense of what it might be like to write letters in a purchase situation and helps you see how different audiences and purposes require different approaches and styles of business correspondence. Here's what you will need to do: 1. Pick one of the following business related events or propose your own event to the teacher. 2. Go shopping on the web and find the vehicle or real estate that meets the requirements for your scenario (you may spend less than the budget if you like). When you make your selection you should take note of the reasoning behind your selection and also take note of other vehicles or pieces of real estate that you passed over (for comparison). 3. Write four business letters (one is in memo format). Look at examples in the book for ideas on how to format and lay out your letters. You will produce the following four letters for this scenario: Letter 1: A Letter to the company head or department head that informs him/her of your selection, describes criteria behind the selection, and tells the boss why this is the best selection for this purchase. Letter 2:
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Project2_Eng302 - Project#2 Business Correspondence Create...

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