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Physics 121C Midterm 1 Autumn 2008 VERSION 1 October 13, 2008 Prof. Olmstead Page 1/8 Name UWNetID Student No. LAST, first initial Signature Seat Number Return of Exam In Class (recommended) OR with ID, from Susan Hong, in PAT C136 READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE NOW, BEFORE THE HALF-HOUR BELL. Do not open the exam before the bell. You will have 50 minutes after the bell to complete the examination. Exam papers will no longer be accepted after 55 minutes have elapsed. Cell Phones or any other Wireless Electronic Devices are not allowed during the Exam Before the exam begins: Print and sign your name, and write your UWNetID, student ID number and seat number in the spaces on this page (above). Check off your preference for returning the exam (blank = in class) Write your name and student ID number on your bubble sheet, and fill in the corresponding “bubbles” using dark pencil marks. During the exam: Important! When the exam begins, print your name and UWNetID at the top of each and every page. Do this first, when you are told to open your exam. If you are confused about a question, raise your hand and ask for an explanation. If you cannot do one part of a problem, move on to the next part. This is a closed book examination. You may have one sheet of paper (standard notebook size) upon which you have written useful information. You may use a calculator, but not a computer or other programmable device. Please turn off your cell phone. If you are expecting an emergency call, notify the professor to arrange an appropriate means to receive it. For multiple-choice problems (those on white paper): Fill in bubble sheets carefully and darkly. Make no stray marks. If you must erase, erase completely. Circle your choices directly on the exam paper for later reference. Make sure your name and student number are entered correctly on the bubble sheet. For hand graded problems (those on colored paper): If you need more space than is available to answer any part of a problem, use the back side of the same page to complete your answer. Clearly indicate to the grader that you used the back side. Do not use scratch paper; it will be ignored. Show your work in enough detail so that the grader can follow your reasoning and your method of solution. Circle your answers, and state units if appropriate. For numerical answers 2 significant figures (e.g., 1.2 s, 6.1x10 2 m) will be sufficient unless otherwise stated in the problem.
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Name UWNetID Points (LAST, First Initial) . 121C, Autumn 2008 Exam 1-Version 1 October 13, 2008 Prof. Olmstead Page 2/8 I. Track Meet (33 pts) George ran the 1600 meter race with average speed s ave = 6.8 m/s, running counter-clockwise 4 times around a 400.0 meter track. The track has semi-circular bends of radius 25.0 m and 121.5 m long straight sections aligned east-west (see sketch). The start and finish line is at the midpoint of one straight section. Point P is the westernmost point on the track. Let East be the ˆ i direction and North be ˆ j . Take the acceleration of gravity ± g = ± 10 m / s 2 ˆ j .
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Ph121C_Au08_MT1a_soln - Physics 121C Autumn 2008 Prof...

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