MCB syllabus - MCB/BIOC/MIC/ECOL 181R is Introduction to...

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MCB/BIOC/MIC/ECOL 181R is Introduction to Biology I -- is an introduction to molecular and cellular biology. Specifically, we will learn about molecules and their interactions in living cells the structures of cells, including molecular machinery, some of the processes that cells undergo (e.g., cell division, photosynthesis, cellular respiration), the principles of genetics that determine inheritance of traits some specialized functions that cells perform, including the workings of the immune system and how fertilized eggs develop into embryos. Along the way, we'll discuss some areas of biology that have generated social controversy : evolutionary theory, transgenic organisms and cloning, stem cell research, and other topics. It is a "majors" class, in that it is designed to lay the conceptual foundations for students majoring in the life sciences, health sciences, agricultural sciences, etc., and prepare them for upper-division course work. Thus, a very broad range of topics is covered fairly intensively. Attendance in class is imperative! The laboratory class, MCB 181L, is a separate course , usually taken concurrently with lecture. If the lab is required for your major, you must register for that class separately. It is offered only in the Fall semester. Structure of Course: MCB 181R is essentially a lecture-based course, broken up with some small-group activities and individual problem-solving sessions. There will be short pre-class on-line assignments and quizzes (in MasteringBiology or in D2L) on each topic we cover; they will be due before every class meeting (excluding exam days). The best note-taking strategy
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MCB syllabus - MCB/BIOC/MIC/ECOL 181R is Introduction to...

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