aristotle 2 - TRAD 104 Nicomachean Ethics Book I (lecture...

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TRAD 104 Nicomachean Ethics Book I (lecture 2): Happiness and Virtue I. The need for a specification of Eudaimonia (happiness/flourishing): saying that the final end is Eudaimonia doesn’t take us very far; we still want to know, what is human Eudaimonia ? (1097b22- 3) II. The specification: Eudaimonia /the most final end is activity (/-ies) according to human excellence; that is, activity ( energeia ) of the human soul according to its complete excellence ( arete ) in a complete life. (This specification suggests that we will understand happiness more if we understand more about the human excellences (1102a5-7). Bks 2-6 carry out an investigation of the human excellences.) III. The argument for the specification: the function ( ergon ) argument (1098a16-20) Preliminaries 1. Ergon (function, work, job, characterizing activity): For many things, having a capacity to do some kind of thing (its function or work) constitutes an identity condition for being a thing of that sort, or constitutes what it is to be a thing of that sort — its essence. E.g., that an object has, say, the capacity to cut things in a certain way is part of what identifies it as/constitutes its being a knife. 2. Energia (activity, this word is a combination of “en-” (English, “in”) and ergon, so it literally means “in-workingness.” Energia means activity, not in contrast to passivity (as one might contrast active players in a game with the passive onlookers), but rather the logical category of activity as opposed to capacity (
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aristotle 2 - TRAD 104 Nicomachean Ethics Book I (lecture...

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