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Final Exam Questions v3

Final Exam Questions v3 - Exam/Study Questions for Final...

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Exam/Study Questions for Final Exam For your final exam, I will select as few as two questions from each of categories I and II, and ask you to write essay answers to two of them, one on Kant (from category I) and one on Mill (from category II). I strongly suggest that, in preparing for this exam, you write outlines of your answers to all six of these questions. The best essay answers will contain some critical discussion of Kant’s or Mill’s positions/arguments, and not just a statement of these positions/arguments. Bring a blank bluebook to your exam. Category I: Questions on Kant 1. Kant says that to have genuine moral worth, an action must be done from duty. What does he mean by this and what is his argument for it? Explain how actions can be contrary to duty, in conformity with duty, done from inclination, and done from duty. Illustrate your explanation with examples. 2. Explain Kant's distinction between hypothetical and categorical imperatives. (Be sure to say what an imperative is, and what "hypothetical" and "categorical" mean.)
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