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Trad 104 The Starting Point of Ancient Greek Ethical Reflection: "How Ought I to Live?" or "What should my life be like?" I. The Question A. The question is one that most people confront at some point in their lives. B. Asking the question is part of becoming, and remaining, fully your own person. C. Ancient Greeks took this question to be philosophy's special concern. II. The Answer (universal among the ancient Greeks, so presupposed by Plato): the good life is a happy ( eudaimon ) life. This is why ancient Greek ethical theories are called eudaimonist . A. The relevant notion of happiness ( eudaimonia ): a feature of one's overall life, not (as we often use the term 'happy') a transitory mood. B. A happy life is an admirable one. C. The Greeks thought that there was an art to living well, an expertise ( tekhne ) that allows one to live a happy life. III. But what is it to be happy, then? What will give us happiness? And what is the tekhne that will enable us to live our lives well? The Gorgias pits against each other two sets of answers to
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