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lecture 4 gorgias - TRAD 104 Socrates vs Polus(II Justice...

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TRAD 104 Socrates vs. Polus (II): Justice and the Agent's True Good I. Aren't some unjust people happy, i.e., well off ( Eudaimon )? Wouldn't you trade places with Archelaus, if you had the chance? A. Polus: Sure you would! Being able to do whatever it takes to achieve your wishes, so the ability to kill your enemies, etc., and get away with it , is guaranteed to make you happy. B. Socrates: You're wrong to envy Archelaus! Being able to do what you think best isn't enough to be happy; in fact, there is nothing worse for someone than for him to do wrong, so that killing others unjustly makes you worse off, whatever the circumstances. C. Polus: You must be crazy, Socrates! If Archelaus's crimes made him unhappy, that would be news to him (he's never shown a sign of regret his entire life), and that shows that his crimes haven't made him unhappy! In fact, they seem to have made him happy. t II. Is it worse to do wrong than to suffer wrong? I A. Socrates's argument A 1. Doing wrong is more contemptible than suffering it. 2. If x is more contemptible than y it must be either because x is more painful than
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