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Trad 104 Study/Exam Questions for Midterm Exam on Plato and Aristotle For your mid-exam (3/10), I will select four out of the following eight questions. You will be required to write essay answers to two of these four. You get to choose -- but at least one of the questions you select must be one on Aristotle. I suggest that, in preparing for this exam, you write outlines of your answers to these questions. Please bring a (big) blank blue book (with no writing at all in it). This will be a close-book exam, with no notes allowed. 1. Socrates suggests that rhetoric (as it is practiced by Gorgias) is not an area of expertise ( tekhne ) but rather merely a branch of flattery. What does this mean, and why does Socrates think this? Be sure to explain both what rhetoric is (hint: the definition Socrates drags out of Gorgias is what is being assumed in the discussion) and what an area of expertise is (hint: any expertise requires rational understanding of the object at which it aims).
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