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STAT 226 Homework 2 Solution Total points: 120 Problem 1. (a) FALSE (Error--Any curve)—Correct Æ Any curve that approximates a histogram and has an area of one under it is a density curve. [Note: We can adjust the scale(s) of the histogram so that an approximate curve can become a density curve. See text example 1.15 (with figures) of page 52-53. JMP automatically gives a density curve under fit distribution Æ smooth curve .] (b) FALSE (Error--any)—Correct Æ Mean and median of symmetric distributions are always equal. (c) FALSE (Error--any distribution)—Correct Æ The 68–95–99.7 Rule applies to normal distributions only. (d) FALSE Correct Æ The standard deviation of a set of observations is only equal to zero, when all observations are of the same value. (e) TRUE (f) TRUE (g) FALSE (Error --larger the z-score)—Correct Æ The smaller the absolute value of the z-score of an observation the closer this observation is to the mean of the distribution. ( Note: there are other ways to correct/write this) (h) FALSE (Error—mean)—correct Æ According to the 68–95–99.7 Rule, the range of a data set coming from a Normal distribution is approximately equal to six times the standard deviation . F Problem 2. a) 0.0495 b) 0.0793
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Using Table A, Area above 1.41=1- area under 1.41=1-0.9207 = 0.0793 c) 0.8712 Using Table A, area between -1.65 and 1.41 = Area under1.41 – Area under (-1.65) = 0.9207 – 0.0495 = 0.8712 d) Yes. We know that the total area under a density curve is equal to 1. From the shaded
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hw2solution - STAT 226 Problem 1. (a) Homework 2 Solution...

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