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Quiz6S08_Answers - approximately normal[1 pts LLN Since the...

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Stat 226 Section C Quiz 6 James Abbey March 2008 NAME: . 1. A company sampled n = 100 middle school students and found that average spending on entertainment per week was = x 42.0 with a known population standard deviation of = σ 1. We know that that each student was selected independently of the other students (SRS). i. What is the distribution of x ? [2 pts] ii. What laws/theorems did you apply to get your answer in part i? Explain each briefly. CLT Since the sample size was large (n=100), we can apply the CLT to see that the distribution of x-bar is
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Unformatted text preview: approximately normal. [1 pts] LLN Since the sample size is large, we can be confident that x-bar approximates mu fairly well. [1 pts] iii. After sending out the survey, the researchers learn that 52 students were not included on the original list from which the sample was drawn. What is the technical term for this condition? Undercoverage because certain students could never be reached when the survey went out. [No Points—Provided in class] 100 1 , 42 ~ N x...
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