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Globalization extra credit

Globalization extra credit - Gavin Curtis Polakowski Extra...

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Gavin Curtis Polakowski Extra credit May 3, 2010 Globalization Globalization is sending millions of jobs overseas. No longer is it just blue collar jobs; now oversees jobs include everything from basic research, to engineering, and even financial analysis. Today, vast labor pools are being opened in China and India. The rate at which jobs are being outsourced is continuing to increase. What is new is that now high level and high paying college graduate jobs are also moving oversees. This has been a controversial issue in the U.S. for some time now, but in order to solve this problem, we as a nation not only need to find a way to keep jobs in the United States, but also produce goods at a cheaper cost. We saw the beginning instances of globalization two decades ago with cheap labor jobs such as: cheap electronics, making shoes, and toys to developing countries. After that, simple service work, like processing credit-card receipts, and mind-numbing digital toil, like writing software code, began fleeing high-cost countries like America. Due to the internet, jobs such as these can
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