Syllabus - BA 310 Management and Organizational Behavior...

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BA 310 – Management and Organizational Behavior Spring, 2010 Monday and Wednesday, 3:00-4:20PM, Foellinger Auditorium Professor: Dr. Geoffrey Love ([email protected]) Office: 304 Wohlers Hall, 333-2194 Office Hours: Mon, Wed 1:00-2:00 PM Teaching Assistants: See Compass site Course Objectives This course introduces a broad range of topics in management and organizational behavior. Some topics we cover are motivation, leadership, teams, organizational culture, organizational structure, strategy, business ethics and entrepreneurship. The course is appropriate for business and non-business majors. Enrollment BA310 enrollment is restricted until shortly before the semester begins (usually to students with sophomore standing who are in the College of Business; to students pursuing an approved business minor; and to students with junior standing who are in programs that require the class). Shortly before the start of the semester, enrollment is opened to students with junior standing across the university. Contact the BA Dept. Office in Room 350, Wohlers Hall, 333-4240 for any enrollment questions. Course Materials These materials are REQUIRED unless otherwise noted. BA310 Lecture Notes, (in three parts) . Recommended. Each lecture note packet includes MOST of the presentation slides I will use for the class sessions covered. On the recommendation of students, some slides have bits left out to help you stay engaged. Because lecture notes will be available before class on Compass, the packet is recommended rather than required. Clicker : 1 I-clicker, available at TIS and the U of I bookstore. Note: In order to credit you with points for clicker participation, we have to know your clicker’s #. To do this, register at . When you do so, enter your NetID where it says Student ID. If you have already registered your clicker in a prior semester or class, we should pick that up. The deadline for registering clickers is one week after the start of class unless you register for the class after it starts. BA310 Syllabus, Spring 2010 1
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Textbook : Management by Robbins and Coulter. Can be any of the regular or custom editions for the U of I stocked by the bookstores, or the. Textbooks are available at U of I bookstore, T.I.S., and Folletts. New or used textbook copies at these stores should be packaged with the CD-ROM, Mastering Management . I do not recommend purchasing the book elsewhere (e.g., on-line) as it will not have the CD, which I do not believe is available separately. If you do go that route, I recommend the 9 th or 10 th edition of the textbook. Why use different editions of the textbook? To keep student costs down. As you know, textbook companies attempt to shut down the used-text market by releasing “new” editions every two or so years. Using multiple editions makes things more complex but hopefully you will agree it is worth the minor complexity. Class Sessions and Assignments
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Syllabus - BA 310 Management and Organizational Behavior...

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