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Alumni Mentor – I-Promise Mentee AGREEMENT FORM The purpose of this agreement is to establish a shared understanding of the roles and expectations of both the Alumni Mentor and I-Promise student mentee participating together in the pilot Alumni Mentor Program during academic year 2010-2011. The statements put forth in this document are only minimum expectations and should be expanded during the goal setting process that occurs between the Alumni Mentor and I- Promise student mentee. Overall Pilot Program Expectations: Meet at a minimum of one hour every month during the academic year. (Because of distance, meetings can take place over the phone or through other electronic medium.) Provide timely responses (within 48 hours if possible) to phone calls, emails, etc. Complete online mid-year and end-of-year evaluation survey. I-Promise Student Mentee Responsibilities: 1. Have a stated career interest or have identified an industry in which you would like to have a career that you are actively exploring. 2. Be an active participant in the goal setting process with your Alumni Mentor and
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