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CLAIMANT: DIEHL, Bradley INS: Michael Snider, AAL DOB: 06-29-71 REFERRAL: Michael Snider, AAL SSN: 487-82-4849 DOI: MVA 06-22-09 02-01-10 INDEPENDENT MEDICAL EVALUATION CHIEF COMPLAINTS: 1. Popping in left hip. 2. Low back pain. PRESENTS: This 38-year-old, right hand dominant, Caucasian male sees me today at the request of his attorney. He was involved in a work-related motor vehicle accident during his employment with Cooper Wright as a truck driver. He indicates that he is still employed with the company at this time with no work restrictions in place according to Bradley. He indicates that he was sitting in still traffic on a highway since there was an accident that was in front of him a couple miles ahead. He indicates that approximately three to four cars hit him, with two hitting him behind and another who had hit him on the side and went underneath his trailer. He indicates that it was approximately 5 o’clock in the evening and clear out side. He felt that no one was “paying attention.” He reports that at the impact of the accident he felt like a “bee sting,” in his left hip. When EMS had arrived on the scene, they transported him by ambulance to Wesley Emergency Room, where he was diagnosed with, “Left pelvis contusion and lumbosacral sprain/strain.” He was given anti-inflammatory medications and pain medications as well. He underwent a left hip x-ray, which read to show, “No acute fracture or dislocation.” He was then told to see his primary care physician to follow up. The claimant was then referred to Dr. Estivo on 07-15-09, where he was diagnosed with, “1. Lumbar radiculopathy. 2. Left hip pain.” It was recommended that he get a nonweightbearing MRI of his left hip and lumbar spine, and the claimant reports that he underwent an MRI of his lumbar spine and hip on 07- 20-09. I do not have that report available for my review. On 08-06-09 Bradley had a follow up office visit with Dr. Estivo. He was diagnosed with, “Lumbar spine
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DiehlB.0201.am - CLAIMANT: DOB: SSN: DIEHL, Bradley...

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