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Does the introduction have a clear and developed thesis statement that responds to the question? Is the thesis statement specific to the exact emotions/feelings/effects of the imagery? If so, record it below; if not, offer suggestions of how to improve it. 1. The introduction is very good, as it explains the various types of imagery that is used within the novel and also some other background information, however, the thesis statement needs to include how the soldiers are changed; for example, they had a more grim view of life after experiencing the war. Your three points of proof are well written since they explain the emotions that are evoked by the imagery. (Please check the grammar at [1].) Does the essay examine what emotions or feelings the imagery evokes in the reader and how the imagery evokes these responses? If yes, explain how the writer achieves this; if not, explain what is lacking and give suggestions of how the writer can accomplish this. 2.
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