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Unformatted text preview: Stochastic Signals and Systems Probability Theory Virginia Tech Fall 2008 Experiments and Outcomes The basic entity treated by the theory of probability is called a random experiment . A random experiment is an experiment in which the outcome varies in an unpredictable fashion when the experiment is repeated under the same conditions. A random experiment is specified by stating an experimental procedure, and an identifiable outcome belonging to a fixed, known set of possibilities. Examples A coin is tossed. Note if it is heads or tails. Toss a coin three times and note the sequence of heads and tails. For the ABO blood typing system, each person has exactly one of 4 blood types, A, B, O or AB. Two random people attending a blood donor clinic have their blood type recorded. Sample Space When we perform a random experiment, one and only one outcome occurs. Thus outcomes are mutually exclusive in the sense that they cannot occur simultaneously. The sample space of a random experiment is the entire set of possible outcomes. Examples Sample Space A sample space ( S ) can be classified according to its number of outcomes: finite , countably infinite , or Example: A block of information is transmitted repeatedly over a noisy channel until an error-free block arrives at the receiver. Count the number of transmission required.receiver....
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handout_week1_b - Stochastic Signals and Systems...

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