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AYN414 1 2010 assignment - AYN414 Cost and Management...

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AYN414 – Cost and Management Accounting Assignment –1st Semester, 2010 Due date: Submit by closing time of Assignment Minder on Monday, May 10. This piece of individual or group (max. size 4) assessment requires you to: Independently research costing products for decision making Prepare a report for your employer, ready for submission to the management of Berta Logistics Ltd (BLL), resulting from the consulting project described below. Group format Students may work in a group of up to 4 students and submit one group assignment. All group members will get the same mark. We encourage a group assignment for 2 reasons. First, employers typically want some evidence of student’s ability to work as part of a team. Second, a group discussion of a problem exposes different views of the problem and usually results in a more thorough analysis of the problem. Alternatively you may work on your own and submit an individual assignment. Marking of group or individual assignments will be identical. Requirements The requirements are detailed within the case study, Berta Logistics Ltd (BLL). Note that there are two major parts to the case study. You do not need to present the assignment as a formal ‘essay’ style as much of Part A requires only fairly brief comments on calculations prepared. Part B includes a report, which does not need to have an Executive Summary, synopsis or the like. Simply write your report, including any recommendations clearly indicated. Please note that the mark attained will be reduced by up to FIVE (5) marks for presentation which does not meet the required standard. Please refer to the Assignment Presentation Guidelines on pages 7 to 9 . Assistance with the assignment You may approach your lecturer only for points of interpretation, definitions, clarification of presentation requirements, etc. No assistance will be given in answering the question requirements and no time will be allowed during seminars to work on the assignment. Word limit Much of this assignment requires calculations, thus the discussion parts of the assignment must not exceed 1500 words. AYN414 assignment - Semester 1, 2010 Page 1
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Case study - Berta Logistics Ltd. Background Berta Logistics Ltd (BLL) is a Burpengary, QLD based transportation and storage company. The company had very good success in its early years of operations. For instance, in 2002, the company achieved million-dollar revenue turnover and experienced modest growth for the next two years. Immediately following a boom in the transportation industry in 2002, the company's growth accelerated significantly, but by the end of 2005, BLL actually experienced a drop in revenues. During the next two years, the revenues earned essentially matched those of 2005, and at the end of 2007 totalled approximately $6.9 million. An Income Statement for the year ended 31 December 2007 is shown below in variable costing format. Berta Logistics Ltd
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AYN414 1 2010 assignment - AYN414 Cost and Management...

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