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FinalExamAllQsSp09 - K101 Final Exam 4 Study Guide Spring...

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K101 Final Exam 4 Study Guide, Spring 09...260 questions, you supply the answers! Final Exam (140 points) will consist of 90 questions : 50 “2-pointers” taken directly as written from this study guide, and 40 “1-pointers” not too far from the questions below. New material will make up ~80 points of the exam, and cumulative material will make up ~60 points. Ch 20 BIOTECHNOLOGY (from Powerpoint only, not Campbell) 1) Splicing together DNA from 2 different organisms is called: a) bioengineering. b) in vitro gene technology. c) biotechnology. d) recombinant DNA technology. e) genetic engineering. 2) Why is Humulin, produced by genetically engineered E. coli cells, a superior drug for diabetes than insulin obtained from animal sources? a) Humulin has a longer life span in the body than animal insulin, meaning that less drug needs to be injected to achieve the same effect. b) Humulin contains human rather than animal sequences, reducing the chances of an immune or allergic response. c) Animal insulin is more difficult to purify than is Humulin. d) Humulin has a much higher activity level. 3) By fusing protein-coding of eukaryotic DNA with bacterial promoter sequences, scientists can ensure. 4) In the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique, the two strands of DNA are separated by: 5) Examples of genetically modified crops include: 6) The Human Genome Project: a) includes sequencing the entire human genome. b) includes identifying all of the genes in the human genome. c) will set the foundation for studying gene function in humans. d) will provide the basis for studying variations in gene sequences related to illness. e) All of the above. 25 - 1
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Use the following graph to answer the next 2 questions.
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