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C125 Final Exam Review Page 1 of 5 Information about lab final Lab final will be in your scheduled lab time on April 28 th or 29 th . It is a closed book, closed notebook exam, held in our regular lab room. There are 50 questions, total of 80 pts: 20 for basics (1.5 pts each), 20 for moderate applications and calculations (1.5 pts each), and 10 for challenging applications (2 pts each). A cover sheet with some equations and periodic table will be provided. Only pencils and scientific calculators will be allowed. Scratch paper will be provided to you. How to prepare the lab final The lab will test not only your observations and calculations you had made in lab, but also the chemistry behind each lab. Besides your lab manual, the following materials are suggested to prepare your lab final: Pre-lab slides (Concepts) Quizzes Sample problems in next 2 pages Final exam from previous semester Report sheets (observations and calculations) Sample exam questions following each lab Lab Final Exam Review (Appendix E in lab manual) Important Terms Excel and Graphing Best fit line Slope Y-intercept Dependent/independent variable Calibration curve Interpolation Extrapolation Chemical Measurements Precision Accuracy Systematic errors Random errors Percent error Mean Standard deviation Density Chemical Activity/Reactions Balanced chemical equation Net ionic equation Spectator ion Total ionic equation Combination reaction Decomposition reaction Single replacement reaction Double replacement reaction (metathesis) Precipitation reaction Driving force Oxidation Reduction Periodic trends Determination of Empirical Formula Empirical formula Molecular formula Molecular/formula weight Ionic compound Molar ratio Gas Laws Gas constant R Charles’ law Boyle’s law Avogadro’s law Ideal gas law Dalton’s law Gas density and molar mass Vinegar Analysis Acetic acid vs Vinegar Acids, bases and acid-base reaction Titration, equivalent point and end point Atomic Spectra Planck’s constant E=hv Speed of light
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Final+Exam+Review+Sheet - C125 Final Exam Review...

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