Ch19MarrsVirusesK101 - Chapter 39: PLANT RESPONSES TO...

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Chapter 39: PLANT RESPONSES TO INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL SIGNALS Figure 39.0 A grass seedling growing toward a candle’s light Objectives: 1. Describe the basic differences between DNA and RNA viruses. Know a few examples of each type of virus and the human diseases associated. 2. Explain the process of bacteriophage infection and lysis of bacterial cells 3. Explain the Prion Hypothesis and the role of Prions in TSEs. Who is Stanley Preuissner? Ch 19: Weird ‘life’: Viruses and Prions
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RNA Capsid DNA Capsid with fibers DNA Capsid Tail Tail Fibers Emerging DNA Just a few slides about viruses Fig 19.4: Virus Structure: Some common human viruses : DNA viruses: These viruses carry their DNA into cells, and uses the cell's machinery to make viral proteins. * Herpes virus (cold sores), * Adenoviruses (common cold) * Pox-viruses (Chicken pox, smallpox, etc), * Parvoviruses (common cold) * Human Papiloma Virus (HPV; cervical cancer); a new vaccine against cervical cancer/ HPV has just been FDA approved June 8, 2006 = Gardasil !!! (Merck) >95% effective, all girls age 11+ and not yet sexually active. Cervical cancer kills 233,000 women / year; will save the lives of 3700 US women per year; $360 for a full course of shots. RNA viruses: These viruses carry RNA into cells, which in some viruses is copied into DNA by an enzyme called reverse transcriptase and then made into viral proteins. Sloppy but effective * Coronaviruses (SARS) , * Flaviviruses (hepatitis C), * Picornaviruses (polio,common cold), * Paramyxoviruses
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Ch19MarrsVirusesK101 - Chapter 39: PLANT RESPONSES TO...

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