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Fungi - Zoospores Zygomycota Life cycle Ascomycota...

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BIOL K101 Concepts of Biology Fungi Fungal Nutrition Heterotrophs Decomposers Mutualism Morphology Hyphae mycelium Cell walls made of chitin Septa Fungal Reproduction Sexual Reproduction Plasmogamy Heterokaryon Dikaryotic Karyogamy Asexual Reproduction Mitosis Spores Fungal Diversity Chytridomycota Soil and Lakes
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Unformatted text preview: Zoospores Zygomycota Life cycle Ascomycota Conodiophore Basidoimycetes Basidiocraps Life cycle Glomeromycetes Arbuscular mycorrhizae Deuteromycetes (Imperfect fungi) Fungal Partners Lichens Arbuscular mycorrhizae Fungal Pathogens Plant pathogens Animal pathogens (mycosis)...
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