k101 SPR 10 syllabus(2)

k101 SPR 10 syllabus(2) - Professor: Dr. Martin A. Vaughan...

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Unformatted text preview: Professor: Dr. Martin A. Vaughan E-mail: mavaugha@iupui.edu Office: SL 318; Office hours will be announced Lecture: Spring, 2010: MWF 10:30-11:20 AM, LE 101 Lab: All lab sections held in K101 laboratory SL 341 Recitation: Check OneStart for individual sections/rooms. [ Labs and Recitations start the week of Mon 1/11! ] Spring 2010 : K101 Concepts of Biology I: I. Textbooks Required for K101 Concepts of Biology I 1. Campbell's Biology = Options : a. New (8th Ed ) (recommended) or New International version = Sign up using the postcard in your book for the free web quizzes, movies, e-book. If you are a Biology Major, I recommend a New Book = you will want to keep this one! b. Used (7th Ed or earlier) or International Version . = Save Money ...but prepare for slightly different versions of figures, pages numbers, etc. If you purchased a used version without a registrationcard, plan to spend the extra $32.50 for web access - see Mastering Biology (Click on 'New Students' for more details). c. Paperless : Reduce your Carbon Footprint and save money: just buy access to the 8th Ed e-book and website ($90 for the complete, searchable, e-Campbell AND access to all the web features of Mastering Biology (Click on 'New Students' for more details). 2. Student Study Guide for Campbell's Biology- 8 th Edition (2007) Martha R. Taylor - Required for Recitation I I. Course Objectives: The major objective of this course is for you to gain an understanding of the key concepts and major themes of biology, the study of life, with an emphasis on the biology of all Domains of life, including the study of bacteria, fungi, protists, and plants. There are three main components of the course that will help you to develop your understanding of biology: lecture, laboratory, and recitation. A strong emphasis is placed on learning biology by inquiry, which is facilitated by the use of laboratory exercises, web-based Warm Up assignments, in-class exercises, and problem solving. Discussions of the major concepts of biology (cell structure, genetics, and gene expression and plant biology) are interwoven with analysis of contemporary issues (biotechnology, stem cells) in biology. III. Course components: 1. Lecture/Discussions: Three lecture classes are held each week (MWF 10:30-11:20 pm), and attendance in the classroom is required . With the exception of the first day of class, I will come to class expecting that you have read the assigned chapters and are ready to answer questions. Each Friday, PowerPoint documents for the coming week will be posted to the Oncourse main page with figures, notes, and lecture objectives. Please print these out before class use them to prepare for lectures....
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k101 SPR 10 syllabus(2) - Professor: Dr. Martin A. Vaughan...

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