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K101 Lab Exam I Objectives and Sample Questions TAs – I will post this for students on the Friday before the exam, but this might be useful for you as you teach each of these labs! LAB EXAM 1 – The lab exam will be worth 80 points (40 multiple choice questions), and will cover material from our first 5 lab exercises, through Lab Exercise 5, Enzymes . See below for specific lab objectives. The questions will be more difficult than those in the pre-lab quizzes, and may require you to do an unknown determination, given a chart with information about particular tests. Since LAB and LECTURE go hand in hand, you WILL be required to answer questions about lab material that relates to knowledge you have already learned in lecture. Do not be surprised to find a diagram of a macromolecule from lecture (i.e.: a protein) and be asked whether it will react with Biuret reagent, for example. Knowledge IS cumulative ! From Lab Exercise 1: Microscopy Microscopy: Objectives: 1. After completing this lab, you should be able to define these terms: magnification, resolution, parfocal, ocular, objective. 2. On a diagram of a microscope, be able to identify (and use) the oculars, objectives, iris diaphragm, condenser, coarse and fine adjustment knob 3. Correctly focus a specimen on a light microscope and a dissecting microscope. From Lab Exercise 2: Measurement Measurement Lab Objectives : After this lab, you should: 1. Be familiar with the use of the graduated cylinder and the microbalance 2. Know how to use the P1000, P200 and P20 Pipetteman, including setting the dial to an accurate volume and choosing the correct Pipetteman to dispense the desired volume. 3. Know how to make metric conversions (ie: g to mg, L to mL), using proper scientific notation and correct units. From Lab Exercise 3: Macromolecules
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LabExam1StudyGuide-1 - K101 Lab Exam I Objectives and...

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