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LabExam2Studyguidespr 10(2) - LAB EXAM 2 Spring 2010 Monday...

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LAB EXAM 2 – Spring 2010 – Monday April 12th in Lecture. The lab exam will be worth 80 points (40 multiple choice questions), and will cover material from DNA Isolation (Lab Ex 6) to Genetics (Lab Ex 12). Begin by collecting up all your Lab Exercise Handouts from the labs below, and any quizzes and handouts that have been returned to you. Make sure that you can “do” any techniques we did in lab (ie: Calculating Rf, ‘time spent’ in the phases of mitosis) and can answer ALL the practice quiz questions! Remember from last time…The questions will be more difficult than those in the pre-lab quizzes, and may require you to apply what you did in lab (ie: using a standard curve; analyzing Rf values for chloroplast pigments, etc) Since LAB and LECTURE go hand in hand, you WILL be required to answer questions about lab material that relates to knowledge you have already learned in lecture. Knowledge IS cumulative ! Lab Ex 6: Cellular Respiration Lab 1. Define metabolism, phosphorylation, glycolysis, fermentation 2. State the overall equation reaction for aerobic respiration 3. Describe two ways to measure O 2 consumption and two ways to measure CO 2 production in living cells: 4. Methylene Blue Reductase Test (milk and bacterial load) 5. Respirometers and germinating peas and other seeds (O 2
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LabExam2Studyguidespr 10(2) - LAB EXAM 2 Spring 2010 Monday...

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