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Plant Transport

Plant Transport - Regulation of Transpiration by Stomata...

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Concepts of Biology BIOL K101 Transport in Plants Water (and Mineral) Transport Absorption of Water by the Root Root Hair Region Path of Water Movement in the Root Acellular Path Cellular Path Endodermis Casparian Strip Xylem Vessel elements Tracheids Mechanism of Water/Mineral Transport Root Pressure Guttation Capillary Action Transpiration Adhesion/cohesion of water
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Unformatted text preview: Regulation of Transpiration by Stomata Guard Cells Active transport of H + , K + Ultimately responds to water loss Movement of Nutrients Translocation Phloem Sieve tube elements Companion cells “Source to Sink” Movement Active loading at source Water follows Mechanism of Transport Pressure (Bulk) Flow Hypothesis...
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