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Plants anatomy

Plants anatomy - Plant Tissues Vascular Tissue Xylem Water...

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Concepts of Biology BIOL K101 Plant Anatomy Roots Absorbs water and minerals, anchors the plant Stems Supports other plant structures, connects roots and leaves Leaves Photosynthesis, Gas exchange, water loss Monocots vs. Dicots Monocotyledonous Plants One seed leaf, parallel veins in leaf, flower parts in 3’s Dicotyledonous Plants Two seed leaves, net veins in leaf, flower parts in 4’s or 5’s
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Unformatted text preview: Plant Tissues Vascular Tissue Xylem Water and minerals from root Phloem Sugars from leaves Organization of Roots Meristem Vascular tissue Root hairs Root diversity Organization of Stems Meristem Vascular tissue Woody stems/secondary growth Stem diversity Organization of Leaves Vascular tissue Stomata Classification Simple Compound Leaf diversity...
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