asdf - Due to a lack of tradition in my family, not many...

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  Due to a lack of tradition in my family, not many things have made it through the years. Especially considering my mom has remarried, the merging of two families makes it difficult to ensure the all of the family “jewels.” Like all families there is the appealing China in the dining room, the antique piano in the living room, and the dusty old couch upstairs. These all being strictly aesthetic pieces of decoration. The China most likely belonged to a mother of a mother of a mother, in the past my mom did play the piano, and the couch just seems to complete the room. To be honest though, I really wouldn’t notice if any of it went missing one day nor would I mind replacing them with more modern conveniences. There is really only one significant object I that strikes me as valuable. There is a portrait of an old man bowing his head and praying. My grandmother painted it many years ago and we still argue to this day that it is an image of my grandfather, her ex-husband. Which she, predictably denies considering her recent
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