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Jeremy Briggs Professor Green Government 2301 MWF April 8, 2008 Hillary v. “Bill” Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats A woman president would invoke change in what Americans perceive as customary in office A woman president could cause too much change too fast A woman president could lead to a different approach in politics A woman president may be assassinated by an anti- revolutionary individual Most of the world has made the transition to a woman in power leading the country A woman president carries the possibility of getting pregnant A woman president is the United State’s chance to modernize politically A pregnant president would lead to maternity leave, and a country with no leader A woman president has a higher level of compassion compared to that of a male A woman president could reflect feebleness as a country A woman president would be more likely to help those in need Hostile countries may see this weak point as a ideal time to attack A woman president would have a better
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Unformatted text preview: understanding of being a minority A woman president, if married, could be persuaded by the man in the relationship A woman president could further increase women and minority rights Irrational decisions could be made by someone not qualified A woman president creates more sex appeal than a male president In a time of war such a dramatic change in policy could have severe consequences A woman president could be more persuasive in international politics A wrong decision could be catastrophic It is a gruesome detail, but just as in any revolution people must die. I believe the election of Hilary Clinton, or any dramatic prosthetic change in presidency, would be just that. Even with all the strides made by our country to be more liberal in society a change like this could lead to an assassination. If you look back to the most notable assassinations of American presidents, Lincoln and Kennedy, each was motivated by the drastic changes they were making....
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