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The Dream starts off on some river with a massive party of my closest friends, and some random other people, representing humanity I’m guessing. Reports of a flood have been posted and the whole world is on a stand still. It begins to rain and the river rapidly begins to rise. The party continues with no regard of the flood, seeing as everyone believes it is the end of the world. I am worrying the entire time, continuing to look over the cliff religiously watching the water steadily rise. For some unknown reason I have to leave earlier than everyone else because I have to go to
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Unformatted text preview: Katy, but not to worry you tell me I can take the free way and the tollway the whole way? Everyone realizes the water is rising but at what speed they don’t know, until it reaches the top unexpectedly, and I give the warning. There is a mass hysteria and everyone sprints for their cars. I look for you relentlessly but to no avail. Regardless of me being the only one leaving early and being ready, I am the only one not to get away. I wake up....
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