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Jeremy Briggs Sociology 1301 Face-Work All people live each day under the assumption that they will have a social encounter. Some involve themselves in a more internal relation and some run into a more external dialogue with other people. Either way, human beings tend to react in what Erving Goffman refers to as “a line,” which he defines as, a pattern of verbal and nonverbal acts by which he expresses his views of the situation and through this his evaluation of the participants, especially himself. (Goffman 104) Goffman explains that “regardless of whether a person intends to take a line he will find that he has done so in effect”(Goffman 104). The witnesses of this will presume that he or she has more or less intentionally taken a position on the matter, so before dealing with the reaction they will get, they must first consider the impression they have made. Goffman uses the term “face” to project the image a person portrays to another when in particular contact. Face is the person’s identity and defines who they are. People tend to experience an emotional reaction to the face with which others present. A person may also have feelings about the face continued for the others, and although these feelings may be different from those about his own face, they constitute an involvement in the face of others. An encounter can have an excellent affect and make the person “feel good” (Goffman 104). Or in a worse scenario make a person “feel hurt” (Goffman 104). In conclusion, the emotional attachment to face provides reason to why a person may find participating in contact with others is an obligation.
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final - Jeremy Briggs Sociology 1301 Face-Work All people...

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