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jeremy briggs essay for ut - To whoever this may concern,...

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To whoever this may concern, After reading the brief description of what the context of my essay should contain, I could do nothing more than think about the large number of generic responses the admissions department must bore themselves through every year. I can say with some certainty that you, and your colleagues, skim through the vast collection of dissertations you collect during the application season. For the most part those applicants who go on to list all the many minuscule accomplishments they achieved throughout high school, most of which were merely a premeditated attempt at relieving the grief of other children who did less mediocre than the award winners, are nothing new and leave you somewhat contempt. This is because each of these candidates lackluster and follow, verbatim, the guidelines of what their grade school grammar school teachers taught them to be an “perfect example” of a college acceptance essay. So with no further adieu I am Jeremy Briggs and like no other
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