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My_ultimate_career_objective_is_simple - Creating a vision...

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To become a more balanced man I believe I must excel in my profession and all of my objectives. My ultimate objective is simple: intellectual enrichment and the use of my knowledge to help those in need of a helping hand. My life experiences have helped me to appreciate the value of this goal, and I look forward to reaching it. My main goal for increasing my knowledge base is to make a difference in the lives of others. Financial stability is also important aspect in my life, and education is the key to achieving this target. I will continue to challenge myself intellectually by pursuing studies in management and business excellence. The career of my dreams is to be a general manager. The general manager is the person who sets polices and directs the operations of business and corporations. Directing a team of my co-workers would be an ultimate position for me. My mission has always been to inspire my team to achieve great things with me.
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Unformatted text preview: Creating a vision and encouraging them to make it happen would be my aim. My personal and business goals would be increasing my knowledge and gaining skills to become an asset to my company and family. I will do anything to prepare myself for this career, but due to limited personal and family income, I will not be able to provide the necessary finances. I believe this scholarship would definitely help me become a more balanced man and I would greatly appreciate your consideration for this scholarship. I am the third child of four, all of whom want to attend college. I would gratefully accept any form of financial assistance available to me. Thank you very much for taking the time to consider me for assistance with my goals. I look forward to attending your institution and to continuing hard work and preparation for my purpose. I thank you for your time and am grateful to be considered for any aid you can give....
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