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Jeremy Briggs Professor Omar English 1302-82008 January 27, 2008 Bother Appearance kills everything. You can decide what you think of a person before even having a conversation with them, or even saying a word. Not to be pessimistic but this can save people a lot of time. Why get to know a person who is not pleasing to the eye? And why approach a woman or man who doesn’t have an attractive figure and beautiful face? This is America, the land of the judgmental. Desirability has nothing to do with intellectual appeal. Just look at iconic figures we see on television everyday. If jobs were merely based on talent, most actors in Hollywood would be doomed. No, it’s all about who has the stunning jaw-line and best stomach. But that’s what we as Americans have come to love about our superficial country. Not to place a scapegoat on everyone else, I was definitely very shallow in the way I perceived people. I would be one of the guys who would say “she’s hot” rather than “she looks like an interesting person.” It’s a horrible excuse, but that is the majority of men in high school and even young men who have graduated. I was always in the group of people, in high school, who were treated like royalty. I was the epitome of the guy “Jerry” Lucy Grealy describes in Mirrorings (Grealy 729). I can personally relate to some of the abuse she endured, and I wasn’t on the receiving end. I was the guy saying “Hey, look, it’s Jerry’s girlfriend” and our group thinking it was hilarious (Grealy 729. Hanging out with the cool kids, essentially, is all that matters to high school students. If you can convince a person that you are something special,
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stonesour - Briggs 1 Jeremy Briggs Professor Omar English...

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