Stratitopia - SUMMARY The game is Stratitopia It will...

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SUMMARY The game is Stratitopia. It will consist of a group of, preferably but not necessarily, four people. Each player, for the sake of the game, will play the role of an astronaut whose spaceship has crashed. The ship has landed on an uninhabitable planet and it is up to both the individual astronaut and the rest of the group to sustain the life of the next person. Remaining alive on the planet relies on each players ability to produce the four elements essential to life; air, water, food, and heat. Production of the commodities is made in two ways, the more convenient manual labor and a more difficult charismatic way, trading. There will be four different scenarios or matrices for the group to play through. Each will be broken down into four phases; production, exchange, consumption, and scorekeeping. And this will be broken into seven rounds of play. Each matrix is unique in that every scenario has a special condition, a player who creates everything and players that need virtually everything. In each scenario one player has the power to kill off at least one player at anytime. But if he is not careful, playing the vicious role could come back to haunt him in a later matrix. There’s not telling who will come out alive. Enjoy. SYNOPSIS Before the game can begin each player must be assigned a letter (A, B, C, D). Once this is done the matrix begins. Every matrix has four phases in each round. Each begins with the production phase. Figure 1: Number of Tokens for each player at end of each round TOTAL Tokens fo richest player divided by total of A Joe B Jim C Jill D Joan
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all players Round 1 4 4 4 4 16 .25 Round 2 11 7 6 5 29 .38 Round 3 16 12 8 10 46 .35 Round 4 23 17 10 12 62 .37 Round 5 31 26 12 13 72 .43 Round 6 38 33 14 15 100 .38 Round 7 44 41 17 17 119 .37 In this stage each played is allowed to produce eight units of whichever commodities he chooses and is capable of producing. This is followed by the exchange process.
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Stratitopia - SUMMARY The game is Stratitopia It will...

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