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ps04 - 18.03 Problem Set 4 Fall 2009 Due in boxes in Room...

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18.03 Problem Set 4 Fall 2009 Due in boxes in Room 2-106, Friday Oct. 9 at 3:00 p.m. You may and should discuss the problems with other students, but you must write solutions entirely on your own. (The main reason for this requirement is that we enforce it so strictly on exams.) Question Zero is required for your problem set to count. 0. On the first page of your homework, list the individuals (other than recitation lead- ers, lecturer, and math department tutors) with whom you discussed the homework; and list the sources (other than the class text, web site, and supplementary notes) that you consulted. This will look like, “Consulted with Jane Doe; consulted text Birkhoff & Rota and web site http://www.clepsydra.ch/ ,” or “No consultation.” 1. (6 points) Find all the real-valued solutions of the differential equation d 6 y dx 6 - y = 0. 2. (12 points) The “spring and dashpot” system described on page 101 of the text satisfies the differential equation m d 2 x dt 2 + c dx dt + kx = 0 . (Damped Spring)
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