Exam II topics

Genetics: A Conceptual Approach

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Topics for Exam II Chapter 7 - Linkage relationships: completely linked, partially linked, unlinked genes - Coupling and repulsion - Chi-square contingency test - Constructing genetic maps using two- and three-point testcrosses - Coefficient of coincidence and interference - Physical mapping methods: deletion mapping, somatic cell hybrids, in situ hybridization Chapter 9 - Chromosomal rearrangements: duplications, deletions, inversions, translocations - Aneuploidy - Down syndrome: primary and familial - Polyploidy - Effects of chromosomal mutations on phenotypes and meiosis
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Chapter 10 - Chemical structures of components of DNA and RNA: sugars, bases, phosphate- don’t have to be able to draw structures, but must be able to recognize and distinguish them - Structure of nucleotides - Structure of polynucleotides - Structure of DNA double helix: complementary bases, antiparallel Chapter 11
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Unformatted text preview: - Supercoiling- Levels of chromatin organization in eukaryotes- Changes in chromatin structure during cell division, transcription- Structure of centromeres and telomeres- DNA denaturation, melting temperature, renaturation - Types of sequences in eukaryotes: unique, moderately repetitive, highly repetitive Chapter 12- Replicon structure- Modes of replication: theta, rolling-circle, linear eukaryotic- Replication in bacteria: know ALL steps and proteins involved- Features unique to replication of eukaryotic DNA: multiple origins, eukaryotic DNA polymerases, nucleosome assembly, replication of telomeres Chapter 19- Restriction endonucleases- Gel electrophoresis- Southern blots- 3 characteristics of cloning vectors- Cloning genes: vectors, selectable markers, transformation- PCR: 3 steps and reaction components- DNA libraries- RFLPs- DNA sequencing (dideoxy method)- DNA fingerprinting...
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Exam II topics - Supercoiling Levels of chromatin...

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