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Genetics: A Conceptual Approach

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Final Fly Report Follow instructions provided in handout for Genetic Mapping Lab Don’t use tables from the lab manual Construct genetic map from pairwise map calculations - Slightly different approach than used in lecture - Example posted on Blackboard (in lab folder) - Present two maps in report: uncorrected and corrected Evaluate the segregation ratio for each gene using an a priori chi square test (three tests: one for each gene) Heterozygous F1 female v + f
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Unformatted text preview: + cv + v f cv If any results do not match expectation (reject null hypothesis), offer possible explanations for why this might happen Mendel’s law of segregation => two alleles separate into different gametes in equal proportions Expect: ½ gametes (offspring) to possess the wild-type allele; ½ to possess the mutant allele So for v: Ho: The expected segregation ratio of the two alleles for the eye color gene is 1 wild-type (v + ) : 1 vermillion (v)...
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