HUEC 1000-Final Exam Notes

HUEC 1000-Final Exam Notes - 11-9-09TEXTILES, APPAREL,...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-9-09TEXTILES, APPAREL, & MERCHANDISINGWhy Man 1st began to Wear Clothes1)ModestyMosaic theory**Adam & Eve** felt naked so they covered themselvesModesty isnt most important theory because:1.Concepts vary w/agechildren dont care; hard to be modest in old age @ nursing homes2.Not the same in all culturessome cultures bare breasts, bottoms, etc.3.Not instinctit is a learned conceptEx: snake goddess 1600 BC; Egyptian & Roman clothing (bared breasts; tight tunics improper); Miss American 2005 (bare mid-driff; religious org. complained); codpc. of Henry VIII on display in Tower of London2)ImmodestyUse clothing to draw attention to the bodyOr removal of clothingEx: short skirt, plunging neckline, tight clothing, high slits3)ProtectionFor both physical & psychological purposesPhyscold outPsychso ppl dont laughPrimitive man wore face paintToday: bullet proof vest, helmets, sunglasses, sports gear, even babys bibSophisticated & very simple forms4)Adornment or DecorationAdornto decorate the body; to make attractive; ALL cultures want to decorate body but HOW they adorn body is different***most widely accepted theory used to explain purpose of clothing***...
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HUEC 1000-Final Exam Notes - 11-9-09TEXTILES, APPAREL,...

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