HUEC 2040-CH. 3 OUTLINE - CHAPTER 3 Fiber Properties...

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CHAPTER 3 Fiber Properties - Property o Quality or characteristic of textile fiber o Many exhibited by each fiber type o Each fiber type exhibits unique set o Determines how fiber type behaves in use o May be inherent or can be changed o Yd., lb., oz. (still widespread in US)/metric measurement system( SI) - Physical properties o o Affect appearance and behavior of yarns and fabrics o Include: Color Natural fiber: varies o Ex: linen—just enough pigment to make yellow/off-white; wool—ranges from white to black o If color interferes with dyeing or printing may be removed by bleaching Manufactured fiber: white or “bright” o Exceptions: paramid fibers—yellow; PBI—brown; carbon—black **are inherent in Shape and contour Cross-section: vary from fiber to fiber; range from circular to oval, triangular, dog-boned, U- shaped, trilobal/multilobal, or hollow o ex: cotton-peanut shaped; silk-somewhat irregular o 3(trilobal) or 5(pentalobal) lobed have been manufactured o Multilobal- refers to all fibers with number of lobes in cross section Longitudinal form: striations (valleys between lobes that cause shadows which appear as dark lines) ; smooth & even; rough & uneven
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o Ex: wool-small scales; cotton-twisted Crimp Length Density and specific gravity Diameter or fineness 9-2-03 Luster Amt of light reflected by fiber Natural- some irregularities produce more subtle luster than manufactured, range of differences slight enough that appearance not much affected Manufactured- tend to be bright; delustering agent titanium dioxide added to produce semi dull or dull fibers Affected by cross-sectional fiber o Completely flat have high luster o Less regular surface don’t have high luster o o Pentalobal- more lobes causes soft, subdued sheen o Octolobal- 8 lobed, made to decrease luster or glitter Covering power Ability to obscure an obj. beneath it Visual- ability of fiber to hide what is placed beneath it Geometric- quantity of fiber required to make fabric that will cover specific area; better geometric covering power, less expensive to manufacture because smaller quantity needed
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HUEC 2040-CH. 3 OUTLINE - CHAPTER 3 Fiber Properties...

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