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Unformatted text preview: CXTLA SOLID STATE, LOW RANGE, ANALOG SERIES Small, Low-Cost, Rugged Vibration Resistant 20 Range, 100 mV/O Output Fully Conditioned Analog Outputs Applications Scissor Lifts Static Platforms Alignment Systems Laser Leveling The CXTLA single- and dual-axis analog tilt sensors offer high-resolution, accuracy, and fast response in an inexpensive, easy-to-use package. The CXTLA series design centers on a highly stable silicon micro-machined capacitive inclination sensor element. The CXTLA series is fully signal conditioned with high level analog output(s), and optional analog temperature signal. Micro-machined devices, perfected in automotive safety applications, offer several distinct advantages over fluid, electrolytic, and pendulum-based sensors. Like other solid-state devices, they are more reliable than their mechanical counterparts. In a package smaller than many pendulum or fluid sensing elements, completely integrated electronics eliminate the need for external components. Unlike other micro-machined devices, the CXTLA Series maintains its accuracy and stability over temperature: < 2 of arc over the range 0 to 70 C. The output can be user corrected for temperature with the -T option, yielding accuracy to within 0.5 over the angular range. A typical configuration using CXTLA sensors is shown below. Each module is factory calibrated, tested and includes a calibration sheet. The module can be securely attached using screws or adhesive. The CXTLA is available in a standard nylon or high temperature aluminum package. CXTLA01, CXTLA02 tilt sensors 6-30V GND Power Supply A/D Converter CXTLA02 Xout Yout Temp (optional) Micromachined Tilt Sensor Element Typical CXTLA02 Configuration 38 Document Part Number: 6020-0014-01 Rev D c r o s s b o w t e c h n o l o g y, i n c 4145 n. first street san jose, ca 95134-2109 C Specifications Performance Angular Range () Angular Resolution ( rms) Sensitivity - small angles (mV/O) Sensitivity Drift (%/OC) Zero Angle Voltage (Volts) Zero Angle Drift (mV/OC) Zero Angle Drift (O/OC) Non-Linearity ()1 Bandwidth (Hz) Alignment () Cross-axis Sensitivity (%) Environment Storage Temperature ( OC) Operating Temperature (OC) Storage Temperature ( OC) Operating Temperature (OC) Non-Operating Vibration (g rms) Shock (g) Electrical Supply Voltage (VDC) Current (mA) Physical Size (Nylon Package) (Aluminum Package) Weight (Nylon Package) (Aluminum Package) CXTLA01 20 0.03 100 10 0.01 2.5 0.15 3 0.03 < 0.4 6 1 <5 -55 to +85 -40 to +85 -55 to +105 -40 to +105 10 2000 6 - 30 4 CXTLA02 20 0.03 100 10 0.01 2.5 0.15 3 0.03 < 0.4 6 1 <5 -55 to +85 -40 to +85 -55 to +105 -40 to +105 10 2000 6 - 30 8 Remarks Actual value provided with Sensor Actual value provided with Sensor Typical Typical Over 20O Typical Inclusive of alignment error Nylon Package Nylon Package -AL High Temperature Package -AL High Temperature Package 20-2 kHz random 1 ms, half sine Unregulated = Vout - Zero Angle Voltage Sensitivity Figure 1 Sensitivity (V/ O) .78 x 1.75 x 1.07" (1.98 x 4.45 x 2.72 cm) .95 x 2.00 x 1.20" (2.41 x 5.08 x 3.05 cm) 1.38 oz (43 gm) 2.09 oz (65 gm) Notes 1 Not including arc sine error Specifications subject to change without notice Principle of Operation The CXTLA Series Tilt Sensors use a micro-machined acceleration sensing element with a DC response to measure inclination relative to gravity. The response of the tilt sensor depends on the magnitude of gravity parallel to the sensor element. The output of the tilt sensor will be an offset voltage plus the voltage response proportional to the amount of gravity measured by the sensor. Using the CXTLA Sensor The voltage response of the CXTLA is proportional to the tilt angle. Accurately measuring tilt angle involves solving the equation shown at Figure 1. To solve this equation the Zero Angle Voltage and Sensitivity must be determined prior to use. Crossbow provides this information on a calibration sheet with its CXTLA products. Pin 1 2 3 4 5 Color Red Black White Yellow Green Function Power Ground Roll Pitch Temp Pin Diagram Ordering Information Model CXTLA01 CXTLA02 OPTIONS -T -AL Optional Aluminum Package Axes X X,Y Full Range 20 20 Resolution 0.03 0.03 Temperature Sensor Internal High Temperature Aluminum Package CALL FACTORY FOR OTHER CONFIGURATIONS Document Part Number: 6020-0014-01 Rev D phone: 408.965.3300 fax: 408.324.4840 e-mail: [email protected] w e b : w w w. x b o w. c o m 39 tilt sensors ...
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